Foot & Leg Therapy

Foot & Leg Therapy

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Feel rejuvenated, a cooling sensation and relaxed from applying our Foot & Leg Therapy Cream on topically to the area that needs relief. Our products are all natural with no toxic chemicals and are not tested on animals. We have a beautiful lab that blends our essential oils and ingredients together to create this amazing therapeutic cream that is giving incredible results to thousands of people around the world.

Need relief from

    • sciatic nerve pain
    • restless leg syndrome
    • Hot tired burning feet
    • Neuropathy & polyneoropathy symptoms
    • Sunburns

Stop trying all these expensive creams that are filled with toxic chemicals causing harm to our body even when applied topically. The skin is the largest organ we have and has an important job to protect and hold our body together. Our skin absorbs everything we are in contact with so why not help your body out while getting relief with our all natural hemp  Foot & Leg Therapy Cream.

Size: 120 ml
Relaxing, rejuvenating, cooling foot therapy. Sit back, feet-first and relax after a long day at work. This gives relief for hot tired feet and legs. Helps relieve restless-leg syndrome. Sciatic Nerve pain or lower back pain may be relieved due to the cooling effect on the nerves. Customers tell us they finally get a good night's sleep after applying Foot and Leg Therapy to legs and feet before bedtime. Too much sun? Get relief by applying to area for healing, cooling effect.

Relief from mild sunburn.