Hemp Care for Athletes

Hemp Care for Athletes

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Not just for Athletes, arthritic and fibromyalgia suffers also LOVE this product too


NEW Convenient Plastic Bottle & Pump Applicator | Size: 120 ml  Important: Always read and follow the label

This popular product with an NPN is not only formulated for Athletes but for anyone suffering from muscle or joint  pain, lumbago, sprains and strains, backaches, as well as arthritis pain

    • Giving relief for over 15 years
    • Easy spray application
    • Helps reduce swelling in stiff sore knees
    • Back pain relief for sufferers
    • Customers suffering with fibromyalgia are thrilled to get some relief from muscle and deep tissue pain when massaging the product into those areas
    • Stiff sore neck muscles are relieved
    • Leg cramp pain is reduced
    • Arthritic hands and fingers are less painful
    • Apply to temples and forehead for sinus pain
    • Chest congestion lessened when applied to chest
    • Many athletes see an improvement applying before, during, and after games, competitions etc.
    • Runners knees and shin splints have been helped by applying the product before and after sports events
    • Throw it in your gym bag for after your workout

Important: Always read and follow the label