15 ways to live a healthy lifestyle after the ’40s

Reaching the age of 40 is a gargantuan milestone and a great success, but it is the only beginning of the rest of your life. If you are looking to stay healthy and fit after 40 and want to live a later part of your life in good health, it may be time to make changes in yourself. For many of us, forty years is plenty of time to get stuck in our ways. Those who are turning four decades old, must take a hard look at their lives- physically, mentally, and spiritually. This self-reflection may include our work, health, lifestyle, relationships, and even the way we eat. Now, it is the time to evaluate your well-being and to plan for the long run.

Here are 15 ways to stay healthier if you are nearing or turning 40:


The quality of sleep tends to slow down with age, but it partly increases due to life stress and also due to hormonal changes. After the age of 40, you need to take at least seven to nine hours of sleep.  Take a proper sleep cycle to maintain our health. Getting recommended seven to nine hours of sleep will enhance your immune system, reduce stress levels, and optimize your recovery from exercise. 



Exercise is important at all stages and is increasingly important as you get older. Maintaining muscle mass, strength endurance, and cardiovascular function throughout exercise will help your body to deal with whatever changes you may encounter. Stop sitting and avoid being so passive when you turn at the age of 40. What you need to do is get a standup or treadmill desk. Take micro-breaks. Stand up and do stretching exercises or a brisk walk. You can also do stationary exercises. Do also weight training to improve your muscle strength. Most adults should get between 150-200 weeks of exercise per week or around 30 minutes per day. Running, walking, cycling, or going to the gym, swimming, yoga are all options for our workout routines to stay healthy and fit.


3-Eat healthy foods:

Find a local market and frequent it. Find replacements such as dried fruits or granola bars, for a snack that is high in sugar and fats. Avoid fast foods or spicy meals. Cook healthy food at home. If you are planning to eat out, request low-fat or salt options on the menu. Reach for protein fibre or healthy fat items like chicken, fish, or nuts. 


4-Drink more fluids:

The better hydrated you are, the better your skin looks, and the better you feel good. If you don’t like water, flavour it with products. Try to make a juice of fruits. Your body contains three-fourths of fluids and it must be maintained.

 Drink More Water

5-Cut out empty calories once and for all:

One of the biggest changes you might experience at age of 40 is how your body uses and processes calories. Focus on cutting out calories, because they add up quickly and don’t’ leave you feeling full. Avoid wasting your nutrient need on empty calories items like chips, soft drinks, and latte syrups.


6-Fantastic fibre:

As you approach 40, your metabolism decreases significantly. The goal is to minimize your calories intake from sweets while increasing the fibre in your diet. To stay happy and healthy, make sure your diet is loaded with whole grains, low-fat dairy, bountiful vegetables, fruit, and lean protein.


7-Bones need proper movement:

Being aware of your bone health is very vital for you, if you are approaching 40. The natural decline in estrogen level after menopause means women are more at risk of losing their vitamins and developing osteoporosis. Bone drainers exist in your lifestyle and you can manipulate this to keep your bones strong to prevent fractures in your later life. In all cases, staying active is key, and being aware of your vitamin D and calcium needs.


8-Thyroid check:

People who are gaining a couple of pounds and whose skin and hair have lost their lust may get their thyroids properly checked. The neck gland helps control energy levels and regulate hormones.

9-Beat the bulge: 

This is one of the best ways to stay healthy after the age of 40. Beating the bulge will make you more strength to fight against chronic illness and diseases. Specifically, women who are on the brink of their ’40s can reduce their declining hormones, reduce the risk of breast cancer, and menopausal symptoms by losing weight. Both men and women can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and a bevy of other medical conditions by staying fit and healthy.


10-Flex some muscles:

We lose a small amount of muscle after every decade. We burn fat in our muscles and it helps to preserve a good metabolic rate. It is observed that people after the age of 40 might lose approximately one percent part of their muscle mass each year. Flexing the muscles after the age of 40 is one of the top health tips. It is also a great practice to use light weights after joining a gym for weight training. It is best to have some type of resistance training to curtain muscle loss. If we keep our muscles strong then there is less risk of obesity, diabetes, and muscle wasting.


11-Eliminate unhealthy habits:

Addiction is a hard thing to overcome, but it is important to eliminate unhealthy habits and addictions. The cumulative effect of alcoholism and cigarette smoking on your body will increase risks for many diseases and it may be often deadly diseases. The earlier you quit unhealthy vices, the more recovery your body can achieve, and the less negative impact they have on your body.


12-Watch out for stress:

People over 40 are at increased risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks, and cardiovascular diseases. Stress can cause long-term damage to your brain and hormonal systems work as well. It is important to take active measures to de-stress in your life- meditation, mindfulness, time to yourself every week, therapy, or medications. These are all viable options to deal with stress and prevent it from many disorders.


13-Watch out for vision changes:

Around the age of 40, many people start to experience eyesight problems, even if they don’t them have in earlier life. Various tissues in your eye start to show the strain of 4 decades of use. Due to hormonal and tissue changes, your eye care is no longer as effective at focusing as they were in your younger years. Problems like glaucoma, cataracts become increasingly more likely the older you get. Therefore, it is important to do regular vision checkups and take corrective actions for any vision problems after the age of ’40s.


14-Maintain a positive attitude:

If you receive your goals and how you are spending your hours, you will become more intentional in your daily life and be able to meet your long-term ambitions. Make habit of gratitude and it is good for your health and soul. Keep good company, compliment people, laugh and smile, schedule first run. All these suggestions can help replenish who you are.


15-Balance your blood sugar:

After crossing the figure of 40, you might experience variations in blood sugar levels. You must be eating consistently to maintain blood sugar balancing that is the key to staying fit and healthy. A good way to stabilize things is to avoid the blood sugar spikes and crashes caused by empty carbs like white bread and pasta.

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