The leaves are changing, the morning air is getting a bit cooler by the day and Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone. This Thanksgiving may have looked a little bit different this year for many of us, with restrictions not allowing for as large of a family event as we’re used to, but one thing remained the same this year in our household – being thankful! We hope you were able to take the time to remember what you are thankful for. Good Health is always at the top of our list of gratitude! How about you?

Colder weather and shorter, darker days can put a damper on your physical and mental health. It is so important to make health a priority as fall turns to winter. Flu season is around the corner, seasonal  affective disorder (also known as winter blues) can put a damper on our positive outlook, and arthritic symptoms can rear its ugly head when the temperature drops. Eating and sleeping well, exercising, and taking proper vitamins and supplements can help us stay on our A-game when it comes to good health!

If you happen to notice that aches and pains are coming on strong due to arthritis or even from wear and tear, sprains and strains from biking, running, etc, our Hemp Care for Athletes can do WONDERS for your body! By reducing swelling, stiffness and pain – you’ll be happy to you tried it and sad you didn’t start earlier!

Or, maybe you noticed your hair, skin, nails or overall energy are just feeling….blah this time of year. It happens to the best of us! Taking daily Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil consistently can help. Our oil, packed with essentially fatty acids such as Omega 3, 6 and 9, has so many long term benefits that work from the inside out. The longer you take it, the better it works! Effects typically take 12-15 weeks to kick in, which is why we offer 3 bottles at a discount!

Get it now before it sells out!

We are also excited to announce that we have moved our e-commerce store to Shopify. Shopify Inc. is a Canadian multinational e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. Our choice to move to their platform was to provide enhanced security for our client’s information, deliver a smoother checkout process and allow for the flexibility of Brian and I to fulfill orders more effectively. We think you’ll love the shopping experience Shopify provides and look forward to hearing your feedback!


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